Equinox 10k Challenge 2015 Photo Selection Help


How this gallery works:

As part of your race entry, you are entitled to download free copies of social media optimised photographs of your race.

There are many, many photographs in the sub-galleries below. We have endeavoured to tag as many photographs as we can with race numbers. To search for YOUR race number, enter it into the 'Search Photos' bar in the top right-hand corner of this page and click enter. Your photos, will, (assuming they have been tagged), appear in a collection below. The format needed for searching by your race number is shown below for each of the three races at the event

Equinox race, enter: ####

Therefore, if your race number were to be 0153 in the Equinox race, you would enter 0153. Photos where numbers are not visible and identification has not been possible, they will be tagged 0000.

Also, you may find photos of yourself in the Miscellaneous and Presentation sections without race numbers.  Have a look in those galleries and if you see yourself, simply click on the favourite button, (heart shape), to add them to your favourites.

Once you have got all of your photos selected, you can download  up 40 images.  If there are more that you really would like, email me and I can sort something out for you.

At this time, it will be necessary to download each image separately until we have sorted out bulk downloading for this type of product.

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